Earth is calling. Trees, stones are calling. Flying, crawling, walking and swimming animals are calling: it is Man’s task to cross the threshold, to trigger the process.

Here starts the process which will bring people to a completely new World, to different and better relationships among all living beings, to Peace on the Planet .

First we will reach Eternity all together and then we will continue in building our common World creatively to ensure a happy Eternal Life to every living being with roots, legs or wings.

The Garden of Eden is back: it is up to us to cross the threshold with a huge effort of Reality Piloting, under the direction of Grigori Grabovoi Himself.

There are no other important things, there are no commitments, there is only one common goal : modifying collective reality.

Your help, your effort, your dedication, your conscious love is required.

It is time to join, to cooperate, to promote with a spirit of truth and with all the passion of our hearts, to bring the whole planet to Pilot forwards Eternal Life.