Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on Eternal Harmonious Development is the possibility for mankind to overcome our historical limitations and realize Harmony and Eternal Life on the Planet.

So the quick diffusion of the Teaching is vital, both to solve as quickly as possible our current conflicts and for the purpose of the quantum leap that has been awaited for so long and that is finally within our grasp.

It is necessary that many people, all the ones that feel the calling for this Mission, take on the responsibility of sharing the Light of the Teaching at the level and in context where they are comfortable.

Grigori Grabovoi then decided to open the possibility of becoming a teacher to everybody and to develop a personal relationship both on the legal and informational level with Him.

It is possible to download the agreement directly from this page, sign it and send it to Grigori Grabovoi Himself who will send it back to you signed, for the start of your activity.

Teaching activity is possible all over the world(1).

Teachers will have access to a continuous training program that will start in 2016 and that Grigori Grabovoi Himself will supervise, with examinations at the end of any didactic unit.

Training will be online available to all and in multiple languages and will be integrated by face to face workshops where the process that Grigori Grabovoi designed to share His Teachings will be delivered.

In the next months will also be delivered:

  • a forum for sub licensees to share with other national and international teachers
  • an events calendar, with the details of all national and international sub licensees’s workshops
  • a list of national and international sub-licensed
  • a secretarial support during the quarterly deadline (with a reminder letter before the deadline and assistance to fill the forms to send)

We wish you the highest success and the best Motivation in the sharing of the Light.

Global Salvation